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Behind EME-SX is Miguel V, who was abducted and dazzled by sounds and synthwave aesthetics. So he begins to create songs, lines and melodies inspired by neon world and retro essence.


David K was a very important part to start this project, he helped to push and carry on with EME-SX


Applying the parameters of the style to create an atmosphere cyberpunk, darkwave environments, synth melodies, and why not, synth-pop. Based on DAW and VST, but without giving up the visceral and live and the real instruments (bass, drums and guitar)


Songs that immerse us in a slasher movie or in decadent futuristic worlds, without hiding his passion for retro-consoles, arcade machines and old school desktops.


A cyber-trip to the past, a walkthrough to the (almost) forgotten arcades, memories of those friendships and teenage summer loves, those afternoons and nights behind a ATARI, MSX or Spectrum joystick; VHS movies, electric dreams of youth that many will remember with a feeling of nostalgia and relief.


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